Get Brand New Accessories for Your TVS Zest from Our Store

The all new TVS Zest is one of the best economical and comfortable scooters in India. It has a displacement of 110 mL with a mileage of 62kmpl. Yes, the new TVS Scooty also retains the familiar look that it had with steeply raked apron rims, vertically stacked turn indicators, and with new features like big headlamps, tubeless tires, LED lights, a backlit speedometer and even broad textured seats to give you the best comfort.

The scooter also gets 90 L of under-the-seat storage which is best in its class. It also offers storage space in the form of an open glove box, which retractable bag books and also under the seat hooks. It is not very heavy because it caters to women and is the very light weight which helps everyone drive it without its problems.

It comes in a variety of different colours like Matte blue, Matte black et cetera et cetera. It lets you travel distances at a very cheap cost but to increase the longevity of your vehicle, it is also very important that you look after its maintenance.

Along with its usual servicing you can now also get it customised with accessories if you buy for TVS Zest accessories from the Paragon accessories online shop, you’ll all get them at a very affordable price.

Sometimes when you’re driving along the road, and you might be watching the road but the other driver might bump into your scooter giving it scratches and dents.

Old scooters are also susceptible to damage easily. To protect your precious scooter from such incidents Paragon accessories provides for TVS Scooty Zest accessories which are highly beneficial and increase the utility and profit of your vehicle.

Purchasing products from our website

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Products that are available for the TVS Zest

We provide protective cases and accessories for the scooties like the TVS Zest. Right now we have two varieties of for TVS Zest accessories online:

  • Zest Front Guard with Crash Guard Right and Left Set.
  • Zest All Round Guard With Fitting

Both of these accessories are helpful to protect your scooty from unwanted dents etc. These have a lot of advantages such as side scratch resistance, high-grade stainless steel, rust prevention and superior mirror finish Chrome Plating. These rims also protect you in case of any accident.

You can buy all the suitable for TVS Zest accessories from our website to avail all the offers that we provide. Delivery happens around 10-15 days and your new TVS Zest looks pleasing and safe once it arrives!

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