Accessorizing the stylish for Yamaha Alpha

Yamaha Alpha is new emerging scooter under Yamaha in India which looks super cool and stylish that doesn’t allow you to move your head while riding it. These are basically “easy to go” scooter that allows you to move anywhere and everywhere whenever you want to.

The new graphics inscribed in it helps you get the newest urban look you have always wanted. This is always special because it allows a family ride because of its flat long seat. And also, it has a marvelous capacity of 21 Litres.

So it’s proving to be the best mate for you and your family. And to support this thought of for Yamaha alpha, its need to be protection and the external protection is provided by Yamaha alpha accessories which are provided by our online site of Paragon Accessories Pvt. Ltd.

What are the accessories that we provide related to the Yamaha Alpha:

  • Alpha All rounded guards with fittings: These guards are made up of stainless steel that helps to give it a metallic stylish look and also it is corrosion resistance and rust resistance also. The set comes up with some nut-bolts and screw that helps you fix the guard. And more importantly, it will be easily delivered within 10-15 business days. So get all for the Yamaha alpha accessories online in our online site.
  • Alpha Front Crash guard right and left set: These guards are in both left and right which helps in providing the side safety also. These are stainless steel guards which gives a mirror stylish look because of chromium plating in the frames. Due to the stainless steel, the guards become very durable and long- lasting also.
  • Alpha front mudguard bumper: These are specially designed front protected guard that helps in protecting the front portion against any injury. The guards are also made up of stainless steel that makes it more durable and long-lasting and provides a protecting layer against rust and corrosion also. And you can buy for Yamaha alpha accessories online from our official site.

How you can contact us:

Contacting us is really very easy. You can just visit our online site to get information related to each and every product and every products price. Actually getting a scooter is not enough in India, some of the accessories and spare parts are also equally important because it helps in providing the perfect protection for your scooter.

The Yamaha Alpha has 113 cc engine which is great for the scooter’s performance. Aided with supreme braking capacity, it has rear brake as well as a front brake that help you stopping the scooter in few seconds if you need to stop the scooter urgently.

Beside of these specifications, the guards and spare parts also help in beautifying as well as protecting the scooter. The stainless steel guard not only gives the scooter protection but also gives an addition of beauty in it also. So get into our official site to get all information related to the product and product prices.

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