Make your stylish looking Yamaha Fascino Look more stylish

Yamaha Fascino is a recent emerging, very stylish scooter that took everybody hearts. It has got the tag of “India’s fashion scooter” because of its great range of colors in which it is presented. Fascino is basically the elegance which rides in motion. The look of retro catches the eye mostly because of its front chrome plating.

The look makes you admire the scooter from each and every angle with the same passion. The scooter has 113 cc single cylinder engine.

It is super easy in handling that helps you get the enjoyment of your ride. The most stunning is its headlamp that will help you light up your way as you move forward like a ramp. And to protect such a beauty of yours you need for Yamaha fascino accessories in our online site of Paragon Accessories Pvt. Ltd.

What else can we offer to you related to Fascino?

  • Fascino all-round guard with fitting: These are stainless steel material which comes up with screw and nut bolts that allows you to fit the guard yourself. It helps in protecting the all-around area of the scooter as well as a side portion of the scooter also. The beauty of your fascino will increase its chromium finish mirror look which also creates a modernized look with a touch of retro. So you can get such for Yamaha fascino accessories online in our site.
  • Fascino front crash guard right and left set: These are two in number which is fitted in the left and right side. This set comes along with few nut bolts and screw that help you set up your guards yourself. These are stainless steel frames that are corrosion resistant and also rust resistant that makes it more durable and long lasting. It primarily provides protection against side scratches to the scooter also helps in modification of the beauty of your scooter. So you can buy for Yamaha fascino accessories online with a great range of price in our online site.

Why you should contact us:

We are serving the Indians in getting their scooter accessories and spare parts that turn out to be a savior if you are in a great need of that product. Especially Indians drive in a very harsh traffic condition where they can scratch up their scooter or vehicle by some minor driving mistake.

So to protect from these scratches, we Paragon Accessories Pvt. Ltd. produce around 500-700 sets of products daily so that we don’t run out of stock. And serve you whenever you need. You just need to get into our official site to get all detailed information related to the products and details related to the prices of all the products.

So beautify your Fashion queen of the scooter with all these accessories so that it helps in bringing back the retro touch with the modern curves of the scooter. So, get a pair of these guards so that it can beautify and guard your beauty much more.

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