Suitable for Scooty PEP Accessorizing

Scooty PEP is an amazing model that was branded under TVS. It gained its popularity because of the lightweight feature of the scooter, along with 88 CC manageable motor and it becomes very popular among girls because of its sleek style and looks.

It has a small seat that presents it to be very compact and cozy for those who drive it. And if you are an amateur driver then it is the best scooter for you to drive it with ease and comfort. It has a beautiful range of 6 vibrant colors along with a mobile charging socket and a glove box at the front which shows that it beautifully shakes hand with technology also.

And to protect such a diverse functional scooter from any external damage we need to protect it with some external for TVS scooty pep accessories that you can easily find from Paragon Accessories Pvt. Ltd.

What are the accessories which we offer related to Scooty PEP:

  • All round guard with fitting: These guards are made up of stainless steel so it doesn’t look outdated also. But on the contrary, it looks like it is made for that particular scooter only. It gives a look of a beautiful metallic finish that makes it look more fashionable because of chromium finish in it. Also in additional, it is just as well as corrosion resistance which makes it more durable and long lasting also. This guard provides all-round protection against any damage or scratches to the scooter. So buy for TVS scooty pep accessories in our online site very easily
  • Front crash guard right and left set: It is a set of right as well as left which protect the scooter from side damages and it helps to make the scooter also look more fashionable and stylish. Made up of stainless steel it can be used for many years in the stretch because they are highly durable and long lasting. It can be easily delivered to you within 10- 15 business days.
  • Front mud Guard bumper: It is a specially designed bumper that gives protection against any external scratches also as well as against dust and dirt also. The front portion remains clean because of this protection. Also, it adds up to the beauty of the scooter by its gorgeous look because of chromium plating. It can also be delivered to you within 10- 15 business days.

Why and how you can contact us?

Paragon Accessories Pvt. Ltd. has been the nation’s leader in manufacturing different types of accessories related to every known brand in India. We produce around 500-700 sets of accessories for all the brands so that we don’t run out of the stock related to your any order.

You can get every TVS pep accessories online on our site and you can also get some discount if you are a regular customer on our site. Also, you could also visit our offline stores also situated in many cities across the nation. Further, you could view any information related to the accessories in our official site.

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